If you are currently wondering whether to have an engagement shoot or not these are some thoughts…


Wedding photographers have the honour of being witness at these incredibly special days. The wedding shoots that usually turn out best for the couple are the ones where they have had an engagement shoot beforehand.


This may sound bold but here are 6 reasons why I think you should consider booking an engagement shoot with your photographer.


1. Couples who have carried out an engagement shoot are far more relaxed in front of the camera on their wedding day. This means rather than worrying about being photographed, they get on enjoying their day, which is surely every couples ideal!


2. Couples trust the photographer more because they have already had preview of the service, which means they can relax in the knowledge that the photos are covered. Once a couple has done an engagement shoot with me, they know how I work and they know what to expect – its one less thing for them to worry about.


3. It means that we have spent a further 1-2 hours in each others company, meaning that I know them better as individuals and as a couple. This is so important to me because it means that there is an established connection and in opinion, that is integral to successful wedding photography.


It means that I know how they connect as a couple. They know that I’m not going to make them feel awkward on their big day, which really is the one day in their lives where all they want to feel is comfort, familiarity and confidence.


Importantly, once we have this connection, it also means that I can spend more of my energy on the actual wedding day, creating beautiful imagery.


4. I really do believe that in life generally (but also during the wedding process) that taking time out to appreciate the one you love is so important…Life can be so short and what better way to spend an hour or two than taking some time out from your to-do lists and just being together.


Looking at each others eyes, kissing and embracing, living in the moment and celebrating that you have found each other. Life these days moves so fast so being asked to close your eyes and hold onto each other is an excellent excuse to be in the present moment together.


5. From a practical perspective, brides to be should think about arriving at the engagement shoot after having hair and makeup trial as it means that you’ll be able to see how it looks on camera, which may be helpful making some decisions for the big day. Don’t over think anything, especially your outfits! Just be you and nothing can go wrong.


6. They really are fun.


Also its unlikely that you have done this before as a couple, I think documenting your everyday lives together is just as important as the milestones of your relationship.


Couples these days so rarely have more than the odd selfie together which seems a shame, that’s why an engagement shoot is such a lovely thing to do.


So there you go, 6 reasons to probably booking that engagement shoot!

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